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SPST 399 Research and Evaluation in Sport

This guide will help you succeed in SPST 399 Research and Evaluation

Your Research Coach

Contact Me!

Please feel free to contact me any time at or 585-385-8136!  Also, look for me at the Research Help Desk.

Regular  hours:

Monday: 8:30-4:30
Tuesday: 8:30-4:30
Wednesday: 8:30-4:30
Thursday: 8:30-4:30
Friday: 8:30-4:30

Finding Information

There are many ways to search for information.  Although none of them are wrong (provided you use critical thinking to evaluate sources), some of them are better. Which database or website is best depends on the area of study and your research needs. Some of our subscription databases are multi-disciplinary (for example, ProQuest Central) and some are focused on specific subject’s literature (SportDiscus).

This Research Guide and our Library sessions will help you:

  • Understand the meaning of commonly used vocabulary terms
  • Determine the information needed to address the research question (1) (data set? research study? company or team website? newspaper articles?)
  • Choose the appropriate resource(s) for the research question (1.b) (where would I go to find the information?)
  • Learn advanced search strategies (2.a) and create effective search statements (2.b) (database bootcamp)
  • Evaluate sources based on the information need (scholarly, popular, trade; evaluate resources/websites)
  • Properly credit sources (citation resources)