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SAGE Research Methods

Find Someone Else's Reading List

Example Method: Online Surveys

Browse by Method -- choose the method you want to find a reading list for. In this example, we are looking at online surveys. Each of these lists have been created by a registered user of SAGE Research Methods. The lists might be used for a course they are teaching or part of a research project they are gearing up to begin.

Browse by Discipline -- there are lots of disciplines using surveys for research. If you want to read materials curated for your discipline, use this option. Perhaps you're conducting research within the field of Education.

Create Your Own Reading List

Very important: Create a username and password for SAGE Research Methods. Click here to link to the Create Profile page.

Create a profile and make sure you login to your profile when creating your own reading lists

Already reviewing content ... when you're reviewing results from a search, either one completed through the Methods Map, or the main search box, you can create your own Reading Lists! Add to either an existing list or create a new list. Watch the video below to see this in action. This video does not contain sound.

One more thing ... when creating your own Reading Lists, you can set them to private or public. Private still allows you to share the reading list with others, but is not available to all users of SAGE Research Methods. If you set your list to public, anyone searching Reading Lists would be able to view the list you created.

Share Reading Lists

Do you have a Reading List you want to share with a project partner, student, or an entire course? See how to share your custom list with others in the example below.

Look under My Profile to access your saved Reading Lists.

In sage research methods under your profile go to my reading lists

Pick a Reading List & share ... you can choose to share a reading list by emailing the list to someone, or you can embed a list directly into your Blackboard course, or create a link to the list.

Email a Reading List

email a reading list directly to a project partner

Embed a Reading List

Embed a reading list into blackboard.  Use either the embed code, or use the permalink to link directly to your reading list