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SAGE Research Methods

The Basics

image of the home page of Sage Research Methods

What SAGE Research Methods is...

A database dedicated to teaching and supporting research methods

What SAGE Research Methods is NOT...

An article database, or somewhere to find peer-reviewed articles or research; somewhere to find an instrument or survey to use for your own research

Methods Map

Did you just read a research article, and now you want to know more about the methods they used to collect the data?

Are you starting a research project of your own and need to do a deep dive on a particular methodology?

Use the Methods Map to discover more about a specific methodology; you can even look at broader or narrower methods related to your particular method.

Reading Lists

Looking to create a custom list of resources related to research methods?

Interested in saving the readings, videos, or cases you found?

Create a custom Readings List for your current research project or a particular course.

Project Planner

Just getting started with a project?

Not sure where to start, or why doing a literature review is important, or wondering about data analysis?

Use the Project Planner to learn the steps you should follow when beginning a research project.

Which Stats Test

Getting ready to analyze a dataset?

Not sure which statistical test you should use?

Use the Which Stats Test tool to quickly help you discover which statistical method you should use for your data.