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Individual Sites and Lists of Publishing Venues

Undergraduate Literary Magazines:

Literary Magazines/Creative Work (not undergraduate-focused):

Undergraduate Scholarship/Research:

Books about Publishing Books

Online Sources for Book Publishing

Tips for Getting Published

What are your author rights?

Author rights are important part of your investigation into submitting works for publication. You never know if you will want to publish or share your work again in the future! Be sure you know what rights you retain as an author when you work with a publisher, and what rights they retain. 

Visit Poets & Writers' Copyright Information for Writers page to learn more: 

Copyright Information

Some of the resources on this guide page were compiled by Jillian Maruskin, librarian at the Ohio Wesleyan University Libraries. They have been adapted by Kourtney Blackburn at Rochester, NY. Other users of LibGuides are welcome to use this Guide as a template and to make changes as necessary to fit their custom needs. Please retain this box at the bottom of the Home page.