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Fisher Scholarship Celebration

Lavery Library co-sponsors a Fisher Scholarship Celebration event with the Library Committee approximately every 18 months. This event is held in Lavery Library. For 2017, the event will be on 10/20. Are you a Fisher student, staff, or faculty member that wants to showcase scholarship in the celebration? To find out how, visit this page. 

What is Fisher Digital Publications?

Fisher Digital Publications ( is Fisher's Institutional Repository. Fisher Digital Publications promotes the discovery, sharing, and preservation of the intellectual and creative works of the faculty, students, and staff of St. John Fisher University. Administered by the Library, Fisher Digital Publications was created to organize, preserve, and increase the impact of scholarly and creative work.

Why publish in Fisher Digital Publications?

  • Increased visibility for your scholarship and creative works
  • Preservation and access to content through a permanent URL
  • Promotion of open access principles:
    • Scholarly communication depends on access to research
    • Sharing your work encourages others to share
    • Providing direct access to articles and other content for users around the world improves opportunities for knowledge exchange
  • Monthly download reports to monitor usage and citations to your work (see Usage Statistics on Fisher Digital Publications for more information)
  • Advancement of Fisher's academic reputation
  • Promotion of underutilized scholarship
  • Opportunities to learn more about intellectual property, copyright, and author rights 

Let us know about your scholarship!

Lavery Library keeps copies of faculty publications in our College Archives. We make every effort to purchase all books written by or containing chapters, etc., written by faculty during their time at Fisher, and place those in our circulating collection as well. We work with publishers to obtain permission to post versions of scholarship, such as articles, on your behalf. In the event we are unable to include a version of your work on FDP, we will include your citation information and a link to the publisher version so you may still receive usage statistics. 

What is included in FDP?

  • Articles
  • Book chapters and Books (found on our "Fisher Bookshelf")
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Poster Presentations
  • Creative writing
  • Conference Papers
  • SJF-published journals
  • Dissertations/theses and student work
  • Etc. 

While we make every possible effort to keep track of new faculty publications and existing publications created during faculty's tenure at SJF, please contact us at if your work has yet to be included within FDP and/or our physical collection. While work on FDP primarily takes place during summer and breaks, we strive to upload scholarship year-round.