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Public Health

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PubMed for Environmental Health

Watch these videos to learn how to search PubMed
PubMed Searching: The Basics
PubMed Searching: Beyond the Basics
PubMed Searching: Finding Full Text

The most efficient way to search Pubmed is by selecting and combining MESH (Medical Subject Headings) terms.  Here are some MESH terms for Environmental Health:

Air Pollutants

Environmental policy
National Institute for Environmental Health Science
Environmental Restoration and Remediation
Environmental Medicine
Environmental Illness
Disorders of Environmental Origins
Environmental Pollution
Environmental Pollutants
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Health
Environmental Exposure
Carcinogens, Environmental
Environmental Indicators
Environmental Biomarkers
Environmental Psychology
Hazardous Substances
Environmental Justice

Health Inequities
Sociodemographic Factors

Neighborhood Characteristics
Access to Health Foods
Tobacco Smoke Pollution