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Public Health

Public Health Resources at Lavery Library

Books on Public Health

For the most part, you will find books on the topic of public health under the Library of Congress Classification RA, Public Aspects of Medicine. Check some of these call number ranges on the upper level of the library:

  • RA1 - RA418.5 includes medicine and the state
  • RA421 - RA790.95 includes public health, hygiene, and preventive medicine
  • RA791 - RA954 includes medical geography, climatology, and meteorology
  • RA960 - RA1000.5 includes medical centers, hospitals, dispensaries, clinics, ambulance service, nursing homes, and hospices
  • RA1001 - RA1171 includes forensic medicine, medical jurisprudence, and legal medicine
  • RA1190 - RA1270 includes toxicology and poisons

Other areas of the library will include books that may be helpful.  For instance, you may also find books about the legal aspects of public health in the Ks (Library of Congress Classification for Law).  Please ask me if you need help ~ Nancy

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