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Michelle Price

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Michelle Price
My name is Michelle Price and I joined St. John Fisher College in the Fall of 2008. I am the library liaison to the following majors: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sustainability, Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Nursing (Undergrad and Masters), and Pharmacy. I am also the Special Collections Librarian and in that role, I care for and make accessible our special collections and rare books.

As a librarian, I spend a lot of time in the classroom, but I also participate in professional service and scholarship. For example, I helped plan the local Special Libraries Association local chapter meeting at the University of Rochester. I also serve as a professional mentor to other academic librarians. Recently I published an article on Wormbase, a model organism database, but I am working on three more projects that are Systematic Reviews in the Health Sciences.

A little about me: I love to kayak on Canandaigua Lake. Also, I am part of a monthly book club that has met for 12 years!

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