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This Pharmacy Guide serves the students in the Wegmans School of Pharmacy and all Fisher students, faculty and staff that are researching topics in pharmacology or pharmaceutical sciences.


For Apple and Android Devices

Lexicomp codes for this fiscal year (June-May) have all been distributed. You can access Lexi-Comp information directly through the library Databases A-Z list.


For Apple and Android devices

Micromedex apps are available for Apple and Android devices on the Google Play and App store. You can access password information that you will need to get into these apps by following these instructions. 

Go to MicroMedex from the Database A-Z page, click on download Mobile Apps in the bottom right hand corner to obtain access to mobile apps or Mobile Application Access in the tight right hand corner of the homepage. Select Micromedex Native Mobile Apps. 

The following items are available: 

  1. IBM Micromedex Drug Ref 
  2. IBM Micromedex Drug Int
  3. IBM Micromedex IV Comp 
  4. IBM Micromedex NeoFax
  5. IBM Micromedex Pediatrics 

Natural Medicines

National Drug Code (NDC) Directory

Drug establishments are required to provide FDA with a current list of all drugs manufactured, prepared, propagated, compounded or processed for sale in the U.S. at their facilities. Drugs are identified and reported using a unique, three-segment number called the National Drug Code (NDC) which serves as the FDA’s identifier for drugs. FDA publishes the listed NDC numbers in the NDC Directory which is updated daily.

Free Drug Resources