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Pharmacy: Citing Sources

Abbreviated List of NLM Citation Examples

Drug Monographs & EBP Resources


Omeprazole. [updated 2016 Dec 9; cited 2016 Dec 20]. In: Lexi-Drugs. Lexicomp Online [Internet]. Available from  

Omeprazole. [updated 2017 Mar 8; cited 2017 Mar 9]. In: Pediatric and Neonatal Lexi-Drugs. LexiComp Online [Internet]. Available from

Diabetes mellitus and pregnancy. [updated 2016 Apr 25; cited 2017 Jan 13]. In: Lexi-Drugs [Internet]. Lexicomp Online. Available from


With no author:

Omeprazole.[updated 2017 Jan 6; cited 2017 Jan 13]. In: DynaMed Plus [Internet]. Available from

With author: Use Topic Editor(s) as Author(s).

Chisholm A, Siegal Peiser B. Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). [updated 2016 Oct 20; cited 2017 Jan 13]. In: DynaMed Plus [Internet]. Available from


With no Author:

Omeprazole: Drug information. [cited 2017 Mar 8]. In: UpToDate [Internet]. Available from

With author:

Coustan DR. Gestational diabetes mellitus: Glycemic control and maternal prognosis. [updated 2017 Feb 20; cited 2017 Mar 8].  In: UpToDate [Internet].  Available from



Omeprazole. [updated 2017 Jan 11; cited 2017 Jan 13]. In: Micromedex Solutions [Internet]. Available from

Citations on Presentation Slides

NLM does not have specific directions on how to cite your references on each slide of a presentation. Please check with your professors on their specific requirements. Continue to use NLM for the full references at the end of the presentation.

Other options include a concise citation on each slide and a full reference at the end of the presentation.  See examples below. 

Book: Author, Year, Page(s)

DiPiro, 2017, Chapter 32

Journal: Author, Journal. Year;Volume(Issue):Page(s)

Betses M et al. NEJM. 2013;369:989-991


Citations - Misc

Package Inserts

Tasimelteon [package insert]. Washington, DC: VANDA Pharmaceuticals Inc.; 2014. 

(As evidenced by current publications in Journal of Pharmacy Practice).

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