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Mental Health Counseling

Books at Lavery and Beyond

Lavery Library's Collection

You can search the Library's book collection by using the link listed below, or from the Library homepage's Big Red Box. The Library has an extensive collection of ebooks in addition to our print collection.

Search the Big Red Box using keywords from your topic or an exact title. In the image below, the example shows a known item search for the DSM-V.

Big Red Box keyword search; DSM-V.

Beyond Lavery Library's Collection

To search beyond Lavery's Collection, you can use WorldCat, a book database that looks across institutions. Access WorldCat from the Library's homepage, or using the link below. The images below shows the results of a keyword search: Counseling Theories, in WorldCat. Looking at the two images, you can see that the first title: Counseling and Psychotherapy: Theories and Interventions, is available through Lavery Library. The second title: Counseling Theories for Human Services Practitioners: Essential Concepts and Applications, is not, but you can request a copy through Interlibrary Loan.

Book result for Counseling and psychotherapy that is available at St. John Fisher College

Book result for Counseling theories for human services practitioners not available at St. John Fisher College

Films at Lavery

The Library has a small selection of streaming video databases available, these can be searched similar to the subject databases with keywords, or with a known title. See the list below to view available streaming videos.