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Library Frequently Asked Questions

Printer 2 is a multi-function device which can Print, Copy and Scan

Printer 2 is located against the east wall of the library

Printer 2 is the only device in the library that can copy to paper.  

To Copy or Scan

  1. Swipe your Fisher ID card using the card reader to access "Printer 2" functions (click OK on Pharos balance).
  2. Insert loose paper to be copied/scanned  in top of feeder (place pages face up)  OR open top of scanner to place item directly on the scanner.
  3. Pick either the "COPY" or "SCAN" function
  4. Select 2-sided if the original has information on the front and back of the paper to be copied/scanned.
    Example. "1-sided -> 2 sided" click "OK"
  5. For scanning, click "send to myself" if sending to your Fisher email, OR  Click "new destination" if sending to someone else.
  6. Press "OK" when/if prompted with letter tray.
  7. Press green "Start" button to start copying or scanning.
  8. Wait for the "processing data" green light to finish sending if you are scanning
  9. Remember to "log out" on lower right corner of screen when finished