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Library Frequently Asked Questions: Printing in the Library

Printers in the Library

Library Printer Names & Locations:

  • Library1            Black & White, main level against the east wall
  • Library2            Black & White, main level to the left of the Circulation Desk 
  • Library_Color   Color, main level against the east wall
  • L-100  1            Black & White, lower level in classroom L100

To print from a Smart Phone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop

  1. Download the document to your cell phone, iPad, Laptop or Desktop.
  2. Make sure the device is connected to the SJFC network (Wi-Fi name is SJFC-WiFi)
  3. Go to the SJFC web based print site "" from your internet browser 
  4. Sign in with your Fisher username and password   (note: do not include "" after your username)
  5. Upload the document to (on the top bar)
  6. Select the document to print (check box on the left side)
  7. Choose Printer (type "Library" in bottom right box; choose Library1, Library2 or Library_Color)
  8. Click Print and Confirm

SJFC Print web based print tool

Adding Funds to your Printing account


Cardinal Cash can be used for printing if you exhaust your printing allowance for the term. 

The link "Cardinal Cash" provides an overview and reviews how to add funds to your account



Image of library printers

SJFC Print login screen