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Equipment at Lavery Library

All the equipment for loan behind the Checkout Desk at the Lavery Library


With the iFisher Next Generation Learning Initiative, the Lavery Library has added more iPad accessories for loan for your convenience. This equipment is great for online interviews and classes, filming, working on homework or a presentation, and other activities involving your devices. Check out all the accessories we have below!

iPad Charger

an ipad charger

A charger for your iPad in case you forget yours or lose it

  • Loan Period: Same Day

Ring Light Sets

two ring light sets, one larger, one smaller

Better lighting for pictures and videocalls. The larger ring lit can hold an iPad inside of it.

Includes light, tripod, phone mount, tablet mount, power adapter, instruction manual, carrying case

  • Types Available: Stoon 12-inch or IVISII 18-inch
  • Loan Period: 5 Day


a tripod with an ipad attachment

This tripod holds your phone or tablet and even has a remote shutter to take pictures from afar

Includes tripod, phone/tablet mount, remote shutter, instruction manual, carrying case

  • Loan Period: 5 Days

Wireless Microphone

a wireless microphone with a plug

A wireless microphone to talk handsfree over a device

Includes windscreen, clip, USB cable and port, instruction manual

  • Loan Period: 5 Days

Selfie Stick

selfie stick

An adjustable stick to help you take better selfies

Includes instruction manual

  • Loan Period: 5 Days

3-in-1 Lens Set

3 in 1 lens kit with a case

Three lens (fish eye, macro/wide lens) to attach to your phone or iPad for better pictures

Includes macro/wide angle lens, fisheye lens, cleaning cloth, clip, instruction manual, carrying case

  • Brand Available:  Liginn Mobile Camera Lens Kit
  • Loan Period: 5 Days

Wide Angle/Macro Lens Set

wide lens kit

A macro/wide lens to attach to your phone or iPad to take better pictures

Includes macro/wide angle lens, clip, LED light, USB cable, cleaning cloth, instruction manual, carrying case

  • Brand Available:  Xenvo Wide Angle Lens Kit
  • Loan Period: 5 Days

iPad Multimedia Rig

ipad multimedia rig with a light, a lens, a microphone, and a holder

This kit is great for interviews with its microphone, light, and iPad holder

Includes MegaMount iPad rig, LED light, battery & USB cable, microphone w/ windscreen, audio cables, telephoto lens, instruction manuals, carrying case

  • Loan Period: 5 Days

Laptop/Tablet Stand

an adjustable laptop/tablet stand

A stand to hold and adjust your laptop or tablet

  • Loan Period: 5 Days

Spider Holders for Tablet or Phone

a spider holder for your phone or tablet

  • Loan Period: 5 Days