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Equipment at Lavery Library

All the equipment for loan behind the Checkout Desk at the Lavery Library

General Equipment

This page displays all general equipment for loan behind the Checkout Desk at the Lavery Library including items such as chargers, calculators, headsets, and dry erase markers. All items are loanable with a Fisher ID.


an open laptop

Laptops that are available for loan include laptops without cases, which don't leave the library, and cased laptops that can.

  • Brand available: Lenovo ThinkPad
  • Loan Period: 4 hours

Macbook Chargers

three macbook chargers of different types

A charger for your Macbook.

  • Types Available: USB-C, Magsafe, Magsafe 2
  • Loan Period: Same Day


PC Laptop Chargers

two pc chargers, one universal and one usb c

A charger for your PC computer.

  • Types Available:  USB-C, Universal
  • Loan Period: Same Day

Dry Erase Marker and Chalk Sets

dry erase markers in red, blue, green, and black with an eraser, as well as a box of chalk with an eraser

Four dry erase markers (red, blue, green, black) with an eraser, or a box of white chalk with an eraser.

  • Loan Period: Same Day

DVD Drives

a dvd drive on top of its case

A DVD drive to plug into your computer to watch DVDs.

  • Types Available: USB or USB-C
  • Loan Period: 3 Days

Phone Chargers

three phone chargers, a usb c, a micro usb, and an apple

A charger for your phone.

  • Types Available: iPhone, Samsung (micro USB), Google Pixel (USB-C)
  • Loan Period: Same Day


four calculators side by side, a scientific, a regular, a graphing, and a financial

Calculators for tests, homework, and general use.

  • Types Available:  Regular, Scientific, Graphing, Financial
  • Loan Period: 24 Hours

Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse with its usb plug in

A mouse with a USB plugin to plug into your laptop or computer.

  • Loan Period: Same Day

Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard to type during presentations, group meetings, etc.

  • Loan Period: 3 Days


over the ear headphones with a cord

Over-the-head headphones without a microphone, connecting with 1/8" audio jack.

  • Loan Period: Same Day

Headsets w/ Microphone

over the ear headphones with a microphone and cord

Over-the-head headphones with a microphone attached, connecting with USB.

  • Loan Period: Same Day

Kindle Fire

an amazon kindle

A kindle to read eBooks on the go.

Includes eReader, AC adapter, instruction sheet, carrying case.

  • Loan Period: 1 Week

Zoom Cameras

a zoom camera kit including a case, a camera, a microphone cover, and charging cords

A Zoom Q3 HD Video Recorder to record video.

Includes camera, SD card, tripod, USB cable, AV cables, AC adapter, instruction manual, carrying case.

  • Loan Period: 2 Weeks

Video Camera (HD)

a video camera with a case and cables

A Panasonic HC-V500M video camera to record videos.

Includes camera, SD card, battery pack, USB cable, AV cables, AC adapter, instruction manual, carrying case.

  • Types Available:  Panasonic HC-V500M
  • Loan Period: 3 Days

Digital Camera

a digital camera kit including a digital canon camera, a case, and cords

A Canon PowerShot ELPH 530 digital camera to take better pictures.

Includes camera, SD card, battery, charger, USB cable, instruction manual, carrying case.

  • Loan Period: 3 Days


a tripod for a camera

Holds anything with a tripod attachment.

  • Loan Period: 3 Days

SD and Micro SD Card Reader

sd card reader with a usb c

Plugs into your computer (USB-C) to read a microSD or an SD card.

  • Loan Period: Same Day

Group Workstation Adapters

various group work station adapters

Adapters to run between your computer/device and the group workstations on the main floor of Lavery Library.

  • Types Available: Various
  • Loan Period: Same Day

Stuntman 360 Camera Mount

a 360 camera mount

A 360 shoulder mount for taking videos or pictures.

Includes harness, adapters, straps, instruction sheet.

  • Loan Period: 3 Days