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Fisher Reads: Home

Fisher Reads Goals

Fisher Reads: a pilot program that will:

  • Raise the value and profile of classic or foundational texts in the classroom and in research assignments
  • Improve undergraduate critical reading and research skills
  • Contribute to faculty development
  • Improve retention of sophomore and transfer students

Fisher Reads Learning Circle contacts

Linda MacCammon, Faculty, Religious Studies

Kate Ross, Librarian

Marianne Simmons, Librarian:

Summer '13 Workshop Opportunity

The Learning Circle Invites You to Attend an Informal Summer Workshop for “Fisher Reads", a Common Reading Experience Designed to Advance Student Success Beyond the First Year.

Participating faculty select an important and/or classic text that introduces a central theme for learning, and then collaborate on in-class and extracurricular activities for the semester.  Faculty will learn about five different common reading models for Core, Majors, and Interdisciplinary Studies.

The workshop will be scheduled at the convenience of the participants and led by members of the Learning Circle and by Fisher faculty who have participated in common reading experiences over the last year.

Summer Workshop Topics Include:

  • Selecting the Right Course and the Right Book
  • Coordinating Syllabi, Class Times, Assignments, and Events
  • Developing Common Assignments and Collaborative Grading
  • Using Blackboard and/or web-based software, E-books, and Library Resources for Common Reading Courses
  • Developing Activities Outside the Classroom
  • Selecting Appropriate Forms of Assessment
  • Planning, Review, and Testing of Common Reading Models

Interested? Contact Kate Ross: