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English Literature

This guide includes titles, databases and links that may prove useful in researching English course subjects including literature, etc.

Develop your search...

Use these databases to explore your topic, develop a list of keywords, and become familiar with the broad scope of resources available. Once you develop your search strategy, you can then begin to explore more specialized databases.

Focus your search...

The following are database suggestions for finding great resources.

Scholarly Articles

Scholarly, or peer-reviewed, articles are written and published by experts in their field, which are then vetted by other experts in that field.  These articles are usually preferred for research papers as they are more reliable than their popular or trade counterparts; you will find many professors prefer or even require that the sources you use for research papers are scholarly articles.  

How can you make sure you are using scholarly resources?

Use UlrichsWeb to find more information about the Journal your article has been published in.

You can also use this chart, provided by ProQuest, to help you evaluate the credibility of your resources.