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Resources for School of Education

Get organized with a concept map

Completing a concept map with a research topic will help more efficiently search library databases.

blank concept map

Suggested databases

Lavery Library offers access to over 150 different academic research databases.

The databases listed below are Stacia's top recommendations for education-related research topics:

  • Education Source
  • ProQuest Education
  • Taylor & Francis
  • APA PsycNET
  • ScienceDirect
  • SAGE Journals

Publication types: Scholarly, Trade, Popular

Identifying differences between scholarly, trade, and popular publications helps to select the proper resources for research.

Most, if not all, of the sources in your Family Project's literature review will be scholarly and peer-reviewed.

Chart of Publication Types

Chart describing characteristics of each publication type: scholarly, trade, popular. An accessible version is below as a Word document file.


Use the Ulrichsweb database to check if the articles listed below are or are not from scholarly, peer-reviewed journals.

"Multimodal Children's E-books Help Young Learners in Reading"
By: Morgan Hani
Early Childhood Education Journal, Vol 41 Issue 6, 2013

"Backtalk: Don't Eliminate Homework. Make It More Effective"
By: Neil Heffernan
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol 100 Issue 6, 2019

"Conduct Disorder-Related Hospitalization and Substance Use Disorders in American Teens"
By, Anum Masroor...
Behavioral Sciences, Vol 9 Issue 7, 2019

Please email with issues (broken links, missing info) & they will be addressed as soon as possible.