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Resources for School of Education

3-hour School Library Experience

All undergraduate students in the School of Education complete a 3-hour school library placement in EDUC226 (childhood ed) or EDUC315 (adolescent ed). The Education Librarian, Stacia Maiorani, will work with Rochester-area school librarians to find a placement for each student. Students also have the opportunity to complete this placement in their hometown and/or with another student for transportation. After the 3-hour experience, students will write a reflection to be submitted to the course instructor and the Education Librarian.

This is a great change for future teachers to meet a valuable colleague in a school and see the many ways in which a librarian can help students and teachers!

Previous SoE Undergraduate Reflection Pieces

Conversation Starters (optional)

  • What are some examples of ways that you work with classroom teachers?
    • If I was a classroom teacher in your school, how could we collaborate?
  • What is one of your favorite collaborations that you have done with another teacher?
  • What impact does a librarian have on the entire school population?
  • Are you a member of any committees in your school?
  • What online databases does your school have? (And which are used most often?)
  • What technologies do you have / teach in the library?
  • How do you help students (and teachers) choose books?
  • How would you explain the term "information literacy"?
  • How has the role of the school librarian changed over time / since you started?
  • What is your best advice for me as a classroom teacher?
    • What advice would you give me as a first-year teacher?

3-hour School Library Placement, introductory information for students

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