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eBook help

Project Muse eBooks

Does your eBook look like this? This is a screenshot of a Project Muse eBook. Use this page to learn how to work with Project Muse eBooks.

Project Muse eBooks are easy to use as they require no Digital Rights Management to access .pdfs of each chapter.

Project Muse eBooks FAQ

There are not as many help screen, boxes, or guides available for Project Muse eBooks. That's because it is much easier to download Project Muse eBooks. Project Muse eBooks do not have DRM! Instead, please review these Frequently Asked Questions about the eBooks from Project Muse.

Q. Can I access Project Muse University Press books on my mobile device?

Project Muse University Press books are accessible on any mobile device with a web browser and the capability to open PDF files, such as the iPhone or iPad. We are currently in the process of developing a new interface for mobile devices that will improve a user's experience when searching and retrieving MUSE content on mobile devices.

Q. What is the format of digital books on MUSE?

MUSE electronic books are in enhanced web-ready PDF format, searchable and retrievable at the chapter level. A table of contents on each individual book page allows for access to each chapter-level PDF, and for searching within the individual book for the chapters containing the search term(s). Book front matter and back matter is represented in separate, clearly-labeled PDF files on each book page. All content from the print edition of the book is included in the digital edition.

Q. May we download files for books we have purchased? What about printing?

Unlimited downloading and printing of book chapter PDF files is included in your purchase of Project Muse University Press book collections. There are no restrictions on downloads or printing.

Q. Are the Project Muse University Press books peer-reviewed? How is content selected?

Books included in the Project Muse University Press collections are published by distinguished university presses and scholarly publishers. Each participating publisher selects the books it submits for inclusion in the collections. These books are peer-reviewed prior to publication by leading scholars in the field, and subject to a vigorous editing process by the print publishers.

Q. Do Project Muse University Press digital books have DRM (Digital Rights Management) attached?

There is no DRM on the Project Muse University Press electronic book files.

Q. Are the URLs for the books and book chapters in Project MUSE stable? Can we link directly to the book or book chapter?

All URLs in MUSE are stable, and adhere to a standard format.

MUSE encourages linking directly to MUSE books and book chapters from electronic reserves, courseware systems, and web-based syllabi. No special permission is required to link. Be sure to verify the link from the MUSE site.