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Ebook Help

Who can I ask about accessibility services and ebooks?

Fisher's Student Accessibility Services provides resources and services to all students with qualifying disabilities.

Contact Student Accessibility Services for more information about the following assistive technology resources:

  • screen and text enlargement
  • speech-to-text software
  • text-to-speech software

Should I download the ebook or view it online?

Some ebooks give you a choice: you can either download them to your device or view them online in a browser.

You should download the ebook when:

  • You are reading on an iPad, a phone, or a small screen
  • You want to read the book offline (without internet access)

You can read the book online when:

  • You are reading on a large screen, like a laptop or a desktop
  • And you have internet access

Do I need to download a special app to read on my iPad?

Each collection will show you download instructions you can follow.

Most of Lavery Library's ebooks are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) systems. DRM systems control the use of digital content, such as downloadable songs, DVDs and CDs, games, and of course, e-books.

You may be prompted to download the Adobe® Digital Editions app. It works with DRM to allow you to download and purchase digital content, which can be read both online and offline, and is needed to access most of our ebooks.

How do I download an ebook?

Each collection of ebooks has download instructions. Most of Lavery Library's ebooks are protected by digital rights management (DRM) systems. DRM systems control the use of digital content, such as downloadable songs, DVDs and CDs, games, and of course, e-books.  

How long can I keep the book after I download or check it out?

The rules vary depending on the ebook collection. You can check the help links in each collection, or ask a librarian.

How many people can check out an ebook at the same time?

The number of users who may download an ebook or view an ebook online varies from collection to collection and title to title.

  • Some ebooks allow unlimited users at once
  • Some allow one user at a time
  • Some allow a few users at a time 

If the maximum number of users or downloads has been reached, you may be unable to download the book or view it. If this happens, you will see a message that the user limit for the ebook has been reached.

Can I print out an ebook?

Some ebooks allow you to print. Printing limits vary. You can look for information about printing limits on the ebook website, and contact the library for help.