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Copyright Information

How to use this page

This page includes frequently asked questions regarding copyright when teaching online. For a more comprehensive overview of frequently asked copyright questions, visit the FAQ on this guide:

FAQ: Copyright in the Online Classroom

Can I stream an entire video to Blackboard?

Yes, sometimes. Below are common questions related to streaming videos to Blackboard. Contact the library at for more information.


Are there streaming films available in the library I can add to my Blackboard course? 

Yes. You can browse for streaming films from our "Big Red Box" or directly within our Films on Demand database (see links below).


What if I don't find a film that I want to use in my course available through your streaming databases? 

If you do not find the film you need within our databases, please contact as soon as possible to determine your options for making a film accessible on Blackboard or finding an alternative resource, as this process may take several weeks. 


I have a DVD I use for in-person classes. Can I stream this?  

Due to copyright restrictions, this is not always possible. Please contact as soon as possible to determine your options for making a DVD accessible on Blackboard or finding an alternative resource, as this process may take several weeks. 


I recorded my synchronous, in-person class on Zoom. In that class, I showed a film. Can I post this on Blackboard? 

No. Posting a recording that includes a viewing of a film would violate copyright guidelines. Contact for alternatives. 


I found a feature film on YouTube that I'd like my class to watch. Can I post the link in Blackboard? 

We don't recommend this. Not only could that film be posted in violation of copyright guidelines, it could be taken down at any time and your students would lose access. We recommend you browse for streaming films from our "Big Red Box" or directly within our Films on Demand database (see links below). 

How do I link an article from the library database to my Blackboard course?

Find the durable link of the article in the database (this is not always the URL at the top of your browser). You will also want to ensure that students can access this link from on and off campus by making sure the link has this prefix attached to it: 

For more information, visit:

Can I digitize a book and post it on Blackboard?

A good rule of thumb is that you may digitize less than 10% of a book for Blackboard

How many semesters can I use a copyrighted item under "Fair Use" before I have to get permission?

Generally only one semester is considered fair use if the library does not own or subscribe to the resource. Contact your librarians for more help in evaluating course materials and fair use. 


Fair Use & the TEACH Act

Fair Use is an exception to the rights held by copyright owners to be used in the pursuit of research and scholarly progression.  Fair Use is also a commonly misused term as it is considered to be a gray area of copyright law. Understanding Fair Use is essential in properly utilizing it and properly using Fair Use is essential to scholarship and academia. 

The TEACH Act is a revised part of U.S. Copyright law regarding the display and transition of copyright protected materials by accredited, nonprofit educational institutions, especially as it relates to the use of resources in an online teaching environment. For more information about the TEACH Act, see below!