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Citation Resources

A guide to bibliographic citation formats and citation management tools.

What Is Endnote Online?

EndNote Online is a Web-based reference organizer and collaboration tool. Whether at the library or elsewhere, you can collect and organize references, import references from online databases, create a formatted bibliography, and collaborate with colleagues and students.

Introduction to EndNote Online

This video from Thomson Reuters demonstrates the features in EndNote Basic..

Adding and Editing Citations using EndNote Online

There are four ways to add citations to your EndNote Basic account:

  • Direct export to EndNote Basic while in a database that supports it
  • Use the "Capture Reference" bookmarklet
  • Export references from other databases, then import them to EndNote Basic by uploading the export file
  • Create a new reference in the EndNote Basic interface itself, and enter in each field

Direct export is ideal if you're using a database that allows for it. Look for options to "Export to EndNote Basic" (or "EndNote Web").

In other databases, you will need to export a file which you will then need to import into EndNote Basic.  When you import from other databases, make sure that you check the imported references to ensure that you're capturing enough data for a proper citation.

Lastly, while it takes a little time to fill in fields for a new reference from scratch, remember that you would have to type this text when writing out your bibliography later, and EndNote will do most of the bibliography formatting for you.

When importing references into EndNote Basic: watch out for titles and other information in ALL-CAPS and misplaced data. A title missing? Make sure you fill in all important citation fields!

Setting Up an Endnote Online Account

To start a free account, follow these steps: