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Bioinformatics: PHI-base

A growing repository of the vast array of databases and online tools in the field of biology and it's sub-disciplines. Includes extended descriptions of each resource and links to tutorials.


PHI-base (Pathogen Host Interactions) is a database collecting information on the genes and proteins involved in the interactions that occur between hosts and the pathogenic organisms that infect them. PHI-base collects information on genetic variations of the host and pathogens, disease states where interactions are know, taxonomic information of pathogens, orthologous and parologus genes involved in infection between species, and potential chemical compounds to interfere with the infection process.


Operating Institution: Rothamsted Research 

Supporting Institution(s): Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council


Basic Search Tutorial

BLASTing Using PHI-Base

Help Page


Created: 5/7/2019

Reviewed: 5/14/2019

Revised: 5/14/2019