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Bioinformatics: Toxin and Toxin Target Database

A growing repository of the vast array of databases and online tools in the field of biology and it's sub-disciplines. Includes extended descriptions of each resource and links to tutorials.


An extensive database of over 3500 chemical compounds ranging from pollutants, drugs, foods, and pesticides know to be toxic to humans. The database is searchable by the name or category of compound (i.e. Bacterial toxin, plant toxin, airborne pollutant) along with chemical information such as molecular weight, chemical structure, and analytical results. Each compound entry provides descriptions of the chemical, pertinent chemical information, common sources, and biological impacts.


Operating Institute: The Metabolomics Innovation Center 

Supporting Institution(s): Canadian Institutes of Health ResearchCanadian Foundation for Innovation, Genome CanadaGenome AlbertaGenome British Columbia



Created: 5/4/2019

Reviewed: 5/4/2019

Revised: 5/4/2019