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Scholarly Publishing Module

This Guide describes the Scholarly Publishing Module, a 10 week program, that is available for student researchers at Fisher

Fisher Creed & Basilian Motto

CUR- Characteristics of Excellence in Undergraduate Research

1.5 Accessible opportunities for undergraduates

The asynchronous, online nature of the module makes it possible for an array of summer researchers to participate.  

3.3 Library resources

"Support for information-literacy training and development of research skills should be built into the curriculum." 

All students and faculty mentors that participate in the Summer Research are automatically enrolled in the module. 

4. Professional development opportunities

Faculty mentors are encouraged to engage with the module materials, which include up-to-date policies and examples on scholarly publishing topics like Open Access and Predatory Journals. 

7. Dissemination

As part of the module students learn the logistics of dissemination as well as discuss ethical issues such as authorship. 

8.3 Developmentally appropriate expectations and intellectual ownership

"Guidelines and expectations for sharing scholarly credit with students should be available for students and faculty. Campus policies should establish and clearly articulate how issues such as authorship and intellectual property rights, as well as ownership of data, will be handled."

Students explore the criteria for inclusion as an author as well as the responsibility of authorship for the lifetime of the work. 

8.4 Community of student scholars

The Scholarly Publishing Module is an opportunity for student researchers across disciplines to connect with one another and discuss what research, authorship, and scholarship looks like in their discipline. 

9.1.1 Content

"Successful and sustainable disciplinary or interdisciplinary undergraduate research programs are buttressed by a curriculum that provides students with the necessary training and methodology for them to be successful in the research environment."

The module prepares students to be a successful member of a research team, able to contribute advanced literature searching and management skills to the team. 

Fisher Outcomes