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Clinical Practice Guidelines

Finding Guidelines in DynaMed


As part of a DynaMed entry, Guidelines and Resources are listed at the end.  Guidelines could include International Guidelines or Guidelines from a specific country. 


Screen shot of DynaMed, Guidelines is highlighted.


Limiting to Guidelines in PubMed@Fisher

In Pubmed@Fisher, there are two publication type filters you can use to limit your result list to guidelines.  They are Guideline and Practice Guideline. Guideline refers to guidelines related to the general conduct and administration of health care activities. Practice Guideline is used for a specific decisions for a particular clinical conditions.

Two search filters in PubMed, "guideline" and "practice guideline," highlighted on a screenshot.

Limiting to Guidelines in CINAHL

In CINAHL, you can limit your results to just Practice Guidelines.  On the initial search screen, scroll down until you see the Publication Type Category.  Scroll through the options, select Practice Guidelines, and click on Search. 

Guideline Repositories & Directories (English Language)

Ebooks: Collections of Practice Guidelines