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Book of Kells at Lavery Library

When to Visit

The Book of Kells Experience
Program available year-round, when library is open.  Reservations required.  1.5 hours.  8-15 seat capacity. 

How to Make an Appointment

Those wishing to reserve a time for The  Book of Kells Experience, or to perform research with the facsimile copy, may contact Special Collections at or the Library's Office Manager, Lynn Seavy, at 585-385-8133.

Individuals, or groups up to the maximum of 15, can be accommodated for the program.

Individuals interested in studying the facsimile or the companion book may also schedule an appointment to perform this research.


Parking is available in lots marked Visitor.  See the campus interactive map for parking locations.  Parking is free to all visitors.  Groups with scheduled appointments, or persons requiring more information about handicapped access, should please contact Lynn Seavy.