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Acquisitions and Collection Development Guide

This guide will be your go-to spot to answer commonly asked questions

Why Weed

If we are serious about faculty and students using our books and videos, we have a responsibility to maintain our physical collection. Weeding is a vital part of collection development and maintenance. In the same way that we take great care to select appropriate titles to add to our collection, we must re-evaluate our selection of titles for currency of material, appearance, and applicability to the current Fisher curriculum. Doing so supports our mission to actively participate in the research and teaching of the St. John Fisher University community.

Some guick guidelines:

  • Weed for appearance (moldy, brittle)
  • weed for usage
  • weed for outdated information (content, edition)
  • weed for superfluous (no longer relevant to the current curriculum)
  • weed for duplication

Recycling and Disposing

Empty DVD cases recycle with our “commingled” recyclables, plastic/glass/metal.  You can put the damaged ones in the green “containers” bins.

VHS tapes do not recycle and should be put in the trash.

Collection Development Policy