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Political Science

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Finding Political Science Books

Generally, the call numbers on books relating to Political Science topics can be found in the J section of the library.  These will mostly be upstairs, but look in the reference book area as well.  Here are the J's in narrower terms.

JA - general political science
JC - political theory
JF - political institutions and administration general
JJ - North America
JK - United States
JL - Canada and Latin America
JN - Europe
JQ - Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Regions
JS - local governments
JV - colonies, colonization, emmigration, immigration, migration
JZ - international relations 

Anything you may need in the area of law can be found in the K section of the library.

KB - religious law
KD - United Kingdom, Ireland, North America
KE - Canada
KF - United States
KG - Latin America
KH - South America
KJ - Europe
KL - Asia, Eurasia, Africa, Antarctica
KZ - law of nations

Recent Political Science Titles in Lavery Library

Recent Law Titles