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School of Business Resources

Undergraduate Management majors and MBA students will find this guide useful.

Books at Lavery and Beyond

Books in Lavery Library's Collection

You can search the Library's book collection by using the link listed below, or from the Library homepage's Big Red Box. The Library has an extensive collection of ebooks in addition to our print collection.

You can search in the Big Red Box using keywords from your topic, an author's name, or an exact title.

lavery library big red box search box from library homepage

Books Beyond Lavery Library's Collection

To search beyond Lavery's Collection, you can use WorldCat, a book database that searches for books across many libraries.

You can access WorldCat from the Library's homepage, or use the link below.

Example Search in WorldCat

This is an example of a search in WorldCat.

Looking at the first two results, you can see that the first book: Diversity beyond lip service: a coaching guide for challenging bias, is available through St. John Fisher College Lavery Library.

The second title: Modern management: concepts and skills, is not available at Lavery Library, but you can request to borrow a copy through our Interlibrary Loan service.

You Need It But We Don't Have It?

Search for a book or video using the WorldCat. If we don't own it, select the Request Item button.

Search Strategies

You can use these common subject terms or phrases to begin to find books in the Library:

  • Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Corporations
  • Executives
  • Finance
  • Industry

You can visit our top floor to browse in the Business section of the library. The main call numbers for Business are:

  • H
  • HA
  • HB
  • HC
  • HD
  • HF
  • HG
  • HJ