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English and Literature: Find Books

This guide includes titles, databases and links that may prove useful in researching English course subjects including literature, etc.

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Helpful Tips

American literature will usually be assigned a call number in the "PN" or "PS" range; here's a quick outline of call numbers and their classifications:

PN1-6790 - Literature (General)
PS1-3576 - American Literature
PS126-138 - Biographies
PS147-152 - Women authors
PS185-195 - 17th-18th centuries
PS201-217 - 19th century
PS301-326 - Poetry
PS330-353 - Drama
PS360-380 - Prose
PS430-439 - Humor and satire
PS451-478 - Folk literature
PS700-3576 - Individual

Topic Overviews: Encyclopedias and Handbooks

These books are in the reference collection and prove to be good places to find authors, background information and topics which may help you start your research.

Online Book/Text Collections