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School of Business Resources

About Fisher's Bloomberg Terminals

You can find several Bloomberg Terminals in the Parkes Trading Lab in the School of Business, and one on the main floor of Lavery Library. Remote access is available during COVID-19, so students can access a Bloomberg Terminal from off campus.

Remote/Off-Campus Access for Students

If you already have an account (including if you have registered at the Bloomberg lab on campus), you will be able to use the remote access portal immediately.

All other students: create a Bloomberg for Education account, and a faculty member will then need to verify that you are a current student.

Once your instructor confirms your registration as a current student, you will  be able to use the remote online portal to Bloomberg.

Please follow these instructions:


Create a Bloomberg account

You will need to create a Bloomberg login on the Bloomberg Terminal to use it.

Create an account

Once you create an account, it will work on all of the Bloomberg terminals across campus.

  1. Go to any Bloomberg terminal on campus.
  2. Log into the computer with your Fisher credentials.
  3. Select the Bloomberg icon on the desktop to open and connect to Bloomberg.
  4. Select ENTER or GO to begin.
  5. Select the option to create an account. (Create a New Login)
  6. Follow the prompts on screen to create your account. Note: You will need to provide your cell phone number so Bloomberg can text you a code to create your account.
  7. Now you can log in with your new credentials.

Learn how to use Bloomberg: Bloomberg Market Concepts

About Bloomberg Market Concepts

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is a set of self-paced tutorials help you learn how to use Bloomberg.

  • BMC is free when you complete BMC at a Bloomberg Terminal on campus.
  • You can earn a certificate of completion.
  • You can pause your work and return later, so you don't have to complete your work in one sitting.
  • BMC consists of 3 sections: Core Concepts (includes four modules – Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, Equities), Getting Started on the Terminal, and Portfolio Management.

Create a Login for Bloomberg Market Concepts

You need to create a special BMC account at a Bloomberg Terminal on campus, and complete your work at any terminal. 

  1. Visit a Bloomberg Terminal on campus, and log in with your Fisher credentials.
  2. Select the Bloomberg icon on the desktop to open Bloomberg, and log in with your Bloomberg account.
  3. Enter BMC and type <GO>/Enter on the keyboard to open information about Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC).
  4. You can read about the course here. Select 6) Sign Up.
  5. You will see a pop-up window. Select Continue as Learner.
  6. Enter your name and other information as prompted, and select 1) Sign Up.

Access Bloomberg Market Concepts

  1. Enter BMC <GO> and select 7) Login
  2. Enter the email and password for your Bloomberg Market Concepts account.