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First Year Program RW 1299 Library Session

Refer to this guide for the information literacy skills covered in the library session for all students taking the Research-Based Writing 1299 course.

Publication types

Scholarly, Trade, Popular

Identify differences between scholarly, trade, and popular publications in order to select the proper resources for research.

image of many print publications including magazines and scholarly journals

This image above shows a variety of hardcopy journals. Being able to decipher what publication type an article is from will help you when researching articles on your topic. Choosing sources with a critical eye helps you meet the needs of your research topic and your assignment's specifications.

A librarian can help you locate proper sources and review the sources you have found.

CHART: determining Scholarly, Trade, and Popular publication source types

Chart of Publication Types

See examples of what Scholarly, Trade, and Popular publications look like

Evaluate the Following Articles


Look at both the detailed record and the full-text PDF of each article linked below.

For each of the three articles, use the chart above to help determine whether the article is from a scholarly, trade, or popular publication.

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Before moving on, want to review more about scholarly, trade, and popular publications?