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First Year Program RW 1299 Library Session

Refer to this guide for the information literacy skills covered in the library session for all students taking the Research-Based Writing 1299 course.

Finding articles

Bring these skills together by using a library database to find articles for your research.

Selecting a database to find articles on your research topic

Finding databases at Lavery Library

Databases A-Z section of Lavery Library's home page with arrow pointing to Find Databases link

Click the 'Find Databases' button on the library's homepage [shown above] to access the A-Z list of databases.

Lavery Library's Database List

screenshot of top of A-Z Databases page reads Find the best library databases for your research, with an arrow pointing to All Subjects dropdown menu

Use the drop-down menu options to filter the databases to specific subjects or, if you know the specific database name, click a letter along the horizontal list to jump to that section of database names.

Recommended Databases for Any Subject

Some recommended 'general research' databases that cover all disciplines and can be good starters when researching for articles are:

  • Academic Search Premier
  • JStor
  • ProQuest Research Library
  • SAGE Journals

The databases listed above, and many more, can all be accessed through Lavery Library's A to Z list of databases.

Wondering which databases might work well for your topic? -- Ask a librarian! We are here to help and are happy to answer questions through email or set up a time to meet. Click here to find out how to contact your Lavery Librarians.

Searching in a database using your research topic's key concepts

From Concept Map to Database Search

image clipped from concept map showing two columns of three boxes and each column is linked with an arrow pointing from column 1 to column 2 next to image of three database search boxes; an arrow from each of the second column of 3 search boxes points to a corresponding search box

Select a keyword from each row in your concept map [shown above on the left]; enter each into a search box in the database you've selected [shown above on the right].

Perform more than one search in each database, changing keyword combinations as needed.

Ready to move on? Let's pick up on a conversation from last semester's LC course!