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Public Policy - Research Starters

Getting Started

The government website and resources listed and demonstrated on this page are places you can gather information about public and legal debates about a policy issue. All the resources on this page are freely available. Depending on your topic or public policy issue, you may want to look at more than one of these resources to find relevant information.


New York State (NYS)

Monroe County

Congressional Digest

Congressional Digest is a pro/con website tackling current issues being addressed in Congress. It provides non-biased information about the issues and policies being debated at the federal level. Note: Not all content on this website is freely available.

Website Overview

Watch a quick tour of the Congressional Digest, including what can be found on the homepage.

Reading a Pro and Con Article

Take a quick look at a pro and con issue article and see how to find additional resources on a topic.

Congressional Digest

New York State Senate

Take a look at the policies and legislation that are being discussed in the NYS Senate. This is the homepage for the NYS Senate, and include a lot of information, most salient of which will likely fall into the News & Issues category. This is where you can explore issues  currently being discussed in the Senate.

Overview & Exploring Issues

Watch this short video to see how to navigate finding issues and information on a particular topic.