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Use this guide to help you find appropriate sources for your death penalty paper

POSC 121 Issues in Law and Politics - Death Penalty Paper

Evaluate your Resources

Please be cautious when using resources for your college level research.

Take the time to evaluate the sources you intend to use.

  • Is the Author an expert?
  • Can you verify the information?
  • Is the resource reputable?
  • Is the writer independent/unbiased/ unaffiliated with those who stand to profit?
  • Is the information mostly fact, analysis, or opinion?

A chart to think about

Suggested Databases

You can still use the Big Red Box for this assignment.  Be sure to limit your results to Resource Type: Articles

Here are a few more databases that will be helpful for finding college level resources for your paper.  You can find them by clicking on Databases A-Z from the library's homepage:

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