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M.S. in Nursing

Writing APA Style Papers

Section 1: Scholarly Writing

Section 2: APA Formatting

Section 3: Formatting Citations

Writing Resources: Books

APA 7th. Citing Drug and Clinical Care Entries

These templates have been created using the APA Manual 7th Edition and are approved by the faculty in the Wegmans School of Nursing. For citation of common sources like articles, books and websites, see the Lavery Library Citation Guide. The following sections of the manual were consulted to create the templates.

  • 9.12: No author:
    “A work is treated as having no author when its author is unknown or cannot reasonably be determined. In this case, move the title of the work to the author position…” 
  • 9.19 Format of the Title Element: 
    “For book and report references, enclose in parentheses after the title any additional information given in the publication for its identification and retrieval...”
  • 9.30 Database and Archive Sources:
    “Provide the name of the database...when it publishes original, proprietary works available only in that database.”
  • 9.34 When to Include DOIs and URLS:
    “For works from databases that publish...proprietary materials available only in that database, include the database or archive and the URL of the work.  If the URL requires a login...provide the URL of the database...homepage or login page instead of the URL for the work.  
  • 10.1.14 Article from the UpToDate database:
    “Include the retrieval date because the content is designed to change over time and versions of the page are not archived.”

Remember to double space citations and indent the second and any subsequent lines of the citation.

DynaMed - APA 7

Omeprazole. (2020, September 30). DynaMed Plus. Retrieved November, 12, 2020, from

* Updated date is at the beginning of the references.  

Warren, M. S. (2020, July 28). Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). DynaMed Plus.   Retrieved November 12, 2020, from

*Updated date is the most current date listed under Updates at the top of the entry. 

Lexicomp - APA 7

Omeprazole (Lexi-Drugs). (2020, November 8).  Lexicomp. Retrieved November 11, 2020, from

Omeprazole (Pediatric and Neonatal Lexi-Drugs). (2020, December 3). Lexicomp.  Retrieved from December 4, 2020, from

Omeprazole (AHFS Essentials (Adult and Pediatric)). (2020, March 2). Lexicomp.  Retrieved December 3, 2020, from

* Updated date is found at the bottom of the entry under copyright. 

Injectable Agents (Non-Insulin) for Type 2 Diabetes (Lexi-Drugs). (2020, March 10). Lexicomp. Retrieved December 3, 2020, from

* Updated date is found at the bottom of the entry.

Paraplegia and Quadriplegia (Patient Education). (2020, October 20). Lexicomp.  Retrieved from December 3, 2020, from

UpToDate - APA 7

Morey, M. C. (2019). Physical activity and exercise in older adults.  UpToDate.  Retrieved July 22, 2019, from physical-activity-and-exercise-in-older-adults