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Ed.D. in Executive Leadership

Welcome to Fisher

About this guide

There are six (6) main parts to this guide, with an additional page just for candidates enrolled at satellite locations. Each page has been curated to provide you on-demand, 24/7 help with your Ed.D. journey. Use the links below to navigate between pages, or the left-side navigation. Please note, some pages will open in new tabs.

Contact Christina

On Campus Ed.D. Candidates

Where to Find or Contact Christina:
  1. Lavery Library, Main Level
  2. Phone: (585) 385-8493
  3. Email:
  4. Online, By appointment

Iona & OCC Ed.D. Candidates

Where to Find or Contact Christina: 
  1. Phone: (585) 385-8493
  2. Email:
  3. Online, By appointment

Find Lavery Online

You are able to access the Lavery Library homepage by clicking the link provided below. The Lavery Library web address is: