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Core Advanced RW 3990

This guide accompanies the library session in the Advanced Research Writing 3990 course.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Librarians frequently hear these questions from students.

Q: What if I'm looking for an article in the Big Red Box and the library doesn't seem to have it?

A: You can use our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service to get a free copy of the article. On average, articles arrive within 48 hours to your Fisher email. On the Lavery Library home page, you can select My Accounts, then sign into your Interlibrary Loan account where you can request an article.

Lavery Library home page with My Accounts button circled

Q: What's the best way to save an article so I can read it later?

A: There are several different ways. These are three options: download and save the PDF of an article, or email yourself the article. And, when you find an article in the Big Red Box you can copy and save the permalink.

detailed record for article Emerging Adulthood by Arnett and Fowler with permalink icon circled, and the permalink URL circled

Q: How can I determine whether or not an article is right for my research paper?

A: You can save time by being a smart reader.

Start by scanning through the abstract, introduction, and/or conclusion sections. 

Then, ask yourself these questions. If you answer "yes" for any question, you may want to read the entire article. You may also want to save it and use it in your research project.

  • Does it explore a question similar to my research question?
  • Does it give me more research questions I could use?
  • Does it contradict other research I have read?
  • Does it corroborate or support other research I have read?