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Technology FAQ: Printing in the Library

Frequently-asked questions about technology and digital services in the library.

OIT Assistance

For general information about the Pharos Printing and printing at St. John Fisher, visit OIT's page about printing on campus.

A PDF document explaining the basic functions of Blackboard can be found on OIT's website by clicking here.

The Library Printers

Lavery Library has three printers that you can print from.  Two of them are on the main level, one of which prints in color, and the third is on the lower level in the L100 classroom/lab.

The names of the printers are:

  • Lib-Open on SCRIBE2
  • Lib_Open_Color on SCRIBE2
  • L-100 on SCRIBE2

To see what these printer options look like on a library computer, click to enlarge the screenshot below.

For SJFC Blackboard

To print a PDF that is embedded in an SJFC Blackboard course, follow these steps.  The first step is to hover over the document.  This will bring up a task bar at the bottom of the screen.  Click the picture of a printer.

Click the Printer button

A window will pop up, displaying printing options.  Select a printer (see the list above) and choose how many copies you want.  Then, press OK.

Press the OK button

A confirmation page will pop up.  Click OK and the document will print.

Confirm print

If the confirmation screen does not appear, click the Save button on the PDF, open the PDF in Adobe Reader, and print from there.