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Technology FAQ: P Drive

Frequently-asked questions about technology and digital services in the library.

Saving to P Drive: Overview

This page will show you how to save files to your personal network space, or "P: Drive."  Saving to your P: drive will make sure that you can use what you have saved after you leave the library -- if you save to the desktop or somewhere else on a library computer, it probably won't be there if you come back!

Once a file is saved to your P: Drive, you can access that file on any computer on campus.

OIT Help

Example: Saving a Word document to your P Drive

The first step is to click in the upper left-hand corner on the windows icon.

 Click on the Windows Icon in the corner

After doing so you should see a drop down box with an option to “Save As”.  Click the arrow next to this and then choose to save as a Word Document.

Choose to 'Save Image As'

A new window should open.  First, click “My Computer” on the left side, then double-click on "name on 'citadel\Students\d' (P:)".

Double click on the P: Drive

Name the file and click Save.

Name the file

You've now saved a file to your P: Drive and should be able to access it anywhere on campus.

To open a file from your P: drive, click on the start menu, go to My Computer, double click on the P: Drive icon, and the file should be in this folder.

Click on the Start Menu

Double click on P:Drive

Check for the file