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Technology FAQ: Chat with a Librarian

Frequently-asked questions about technology and digital services in the library.

How Do I Chat with a Librarian?

There are two ways you can interact with our librarians through web chat: the full AskUs 24/7 page and the embedded chat widget you'll see in many pages.

Don't forget, you can also ask research questions by email (, by phone (585-385-8165), or in person at the research help desk!

"Ask a Librarian" Box

If you see a box like the one below on a library page or a database, you are able to chat with a librarian.  Just type your question in the white box and click Send to start a chat.

Ask a librarian widget, active

This will connect you to a Fisher librarian or one of our partner librarians in the AskUs 24/7 cooperative!

AskUs 24/7

AskUs 24/7 logo

What is AskUs 24/7?

AskUs 24/7 is a cooperative chat service that connects you to a librarian at any time.  Librarians at SJFC monitor the chat, and help other libraries as well in exchange for around-the-clock coverage.

Will I reach a librarian at Fisher?

SJFC librarians watch for questions from our students and staff coming in, but if a Fisher librarian is not available, a cooperative librarian will be able to help you with your research. These librarians are located all around the country, and staff the chat service 24 hours a day.

What are some types of questions can I ask?

  • General research
  • Using databases
  • Evaluating sources

If your question is Fisher-specific (related to books held on reserve, fines or holds) you may be better served by sending an email to the library.