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Library Research Basics: Cite

This guide will help you to use the library's resources for your research. Learn to find books and articles, evaluate resources, use specific databases, choose a topic, etc. Access documentation and video tutorials to help with the research process


Plagiarism is failure to give credit for including the words and ideas of others in a paper by “quoting works accurately and attributing quotations and ideas to their authors in notes… bibliographies… and parenthetical references and reference lists.”

Turabian, Kate L., A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertation, 6th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996.

There are 2 components to Plagiarism

Academic Honesty – the consequences for plagiarizing during your college career can be severe. You must give credit to the authors of creative works. See SJFCs Academic Honesty Policy

** credit the owner – create a citation

Intellectual Property – plagiarizing is the theft of someone else’s intellectual property.  It is illegal

** Luckily, fair use guidelines exempt educational paper writers  from the requirement of getting permission from the owner before using any part of a work for class assignments.

1989 Berne Copyright Convention
Creative works are protected by copyright the moment they are in tangible form; therefore, a document without a copyright symbol is still copyright protected.  In fact, anything you create, including your research papers, are protected by copyright law.


Turnitin is a paper checking service provided to all instructors at St. John Fisher College.  If your professor has set up a course in turnitin, you can have your paper content compared to database articles and papers submitted to turnitin by other students everywhere. Turnitin will indicate where you have strings of words in common with other documents.  It will help you to avoid plagiarizing.

To get started in Turnitin, you will need a Class ID and Password from your instructor, and you will need to create a user profile.

Click here for a list of Turnitin tutorials for students

Citation Resources

Do Not Copy and Paste