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E-Books and E-Readers at Lavery Library: Home: Intro to E-Books

How to find electronic books and resources in the library's catalog and beyond.

Getting Started

What is an E-Book?

An e-book, also known as an electronic book or digital book, is defined by The Oxford Dictionary of English as "an electronic version of a printed book."

It is important to note that an e-book is able to exist without any printed equivalent.

More Information (from Wikipedia)

E-Books at Lavery Library

This guide will help you to search, find, and download electronic books. In addition, it will also direct you to information about e-reader software, audio books, uploading e-books to e-readers, and how to cite e-books.

There are currently approximately 120,000+ e-books available in the Lavery Library collection, and more are added monthly.

Most e-books are available to read online, while printing, copying, downloading, and audio features vary.

E-Readers in the News