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Database List: Free/Open-Access Databases

Databases and electronic resources available through SJFC's Lavery Library.


Limited to Free/Open Access and NOVELNY databases.
Click here for the full database list by category.

Free/Open-Access Databases

The following free or open-access databases are also accessible to community members and alumni, from on- or off-campus.

Note: in New York State, you can also use NOVEL databases off-campus without needing a SJFC login.

NOVEL Databases

These databases are accessible from within New York State without using a Fisher login.  If you are a current SJFC user with an off-campus login, use a link from the main database list.

Read more about NOVELNY

General (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)

Business Databases (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)

Communication (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)

Education (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)

Law (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)

Math and Computer Science (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL

Newspapers (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)

Nursing and Health (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)

Pharmacy (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)

Sciences (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)

Social Sciences (Free/Open-Access and NOVEL)