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Library Research Basics: Home

This guide will help you to use the library's resources for your research. Learn to find books and articles, evaluate resources, use specific databases, choose a topic, etc. Access documentation and video tutorials to help with the research process

There's Help Available

This guide is a helpful first step in developing a research strategy for your paper, or a quick refresher for using the library's resources.  Use the tabs above to navigate to the different steps.  Please contact us if you would like more guidance in the research process.

Research Coach Available
Contact a research coach in person, by phone, or email

Contact Your Librarian
Find out who is your librarian and contact him/her.

24/7 Chat Librarian
Use instant message to get help from a librarian, anytime of day or night...

Library Hours

»» Watch this VIDEO to learn more about help available on the library's webpage

Build a Research Paper

research diagram

Table of Contents

Choose a Topic
Reference resources
Search in a database
Consult your professor or librarian

Break your topic into concepts
Find synonyms and keywords
Create a mindmap

Create a Search Statement
Use boolean logic
Searching tips and tricks
Piece your statement together

Gather Research Materials
Find books
Find articles
Find more using what you have
Get it in full text

Evaluate Sources
Use Ulrichs Periodical Directory
Is the source scholarly?

Read with a purpose
How to read a scholarly article
Create/revise a thesis statement

Fill in the Gaps
Begin writing
Synthesis the information
Do more research

Cite Sources
Citation resources