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Acquisitions and Collection Development Guide: Request a Purchase

This guide will be your go-to spot to answer commonly asked questions

Faculty Library Representatives

Your department may have a library representative, who is either the chair of the department or another designated faculty member. Some departments may choose simply to work with their library liaison. Please check with your departmental representative or Library liaison to learn how your department handles materials requests.

You Need It But We Don't Have It?

Search for a book or video using the WorldCat. If we don't own it, click on the Request Item button.

How to Make a Request

Follow your department's procedure for electronic requests made if you are using Choice Reviews Online, publisher's catalogs and flyers. Choice Reviews Online is a web-based source of reviews to assist in your library materials selection. In addition, we also have subscribed to Books in Print that functions as a selection tool. Please see the Collection Development Tools tab or your library liaison for more information.

Ordering through our normal suppliers, in-stock items may be received and processed as quickly as one week, but back-orders and foreign-language materials may take several weeks to arrive. Please plan ahead. Allow at least two weeks for most items to be purchased and cataloged. If you need items immediately for class or to be placed on reserve, let us know that the request is RUSH and RESERVE (if applicable). Also note the date the item is needed. 

Please be assured that requests are acted upon the same day on which they are received. If you send requests to, the request goes straight to our department, so someone always has you covered.

Items can be requested for purchase through interlibrary loan requests, email, catalog or phone.

When the materials you have requested are fully processed you can be notified directly via our Library system. They will also be listed in the "New Materials" list that appears on the upper right-hand side of the library catalog screen. For orders that contain a large number of items, please let us know whether you'd like to be notified about each item through the system, or all at once.

The library will not usually purchase textbooks to place on reserve or add to the collection. These books are usually costly, have a short lifetime and tend to be high theft items.

Requests for new periodical subscriptions should be routed to Marianne Simmons, Periodicals Librarian, via your library representative. Marianne is also the contact for new database suggestions.

Materials should be requested before mid-Spring semester. Please note the ordering deadline for this fiscal year to facilitate full expenditure of library funds. Watch for the exact date to come.

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